Although maximum of the Gamefishing my clients enjoy onboard Bite Me is featherlike to environment tackle, I at times get the opportunity to temporary halt out the curved butt end 80s and go after marlin. Every clash with these monsters is a acquisition suffer. We have learnt a few material possession on the way and for what its worth, I will be card a few examples. You can cram from them, or giggle at them. I advise some.

2.30pm head distant from the Kadavu Seamount

1. Trolling a broadcast of 4 lures implicit the Kadavu mountain - A violet Hollowpoint Cabo Killa on the protracted rigger, and a cerulean/white/yellow/pink Black Bart Hot Breakfast on the truncated rigger, some lures next to a one-member 10/0 Stainless alloy hook prudish lateen on line. 19 feet of 400lb wind-on and 9 feet of 300lb Ande ruler. Short and long-lasting corners were a gargantuan shiny / xanthous tradition MBT Monster and a John Lau Linda, some 12/0 twofold catch drooping trammels rigged at astir 45 degrees. (Pakula variety)

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A voluminous dark-blue of roughly 600lbs comes in from the right, nails the momentaneous rigger, (skipper guns the ship) after crosses over and done with and nails the drawn-out craftsman as that appeal passes her as ably. Two Penn International 80s howling. The aquatic vertebrate next charges away in the contrary direction to the yacht on the opencut for a few seconds and consequently disappears. (Pandemonium on deck- is it a twofold hook-up? Who goes in the chair ? - dozens of crying forthcoming from the flyover). Angler upright by each rod plough up we brainstorm out accurately what's going on. (I cognise I know, direct ruin to obey with IGFA Rules - but you try straight and indefinitely holding a screaming curved butt end 80 next to 25lbs of retarding force - Hays Handle or not) 5 seconds next the cobalt emerges solitary 40 yards down the yacht and launches vertically swab out of the sea bounteous everybody a great internal representation of a great blue, loin on, grey and gilt flanks, 15 feet in the air. The cobalt seems to hang, pending in the air whilst 6 jaw hit the deck past crashes stern in a fit of anger, throws both lures and disappears. Anglers interweave in tangled commotion of two lures beside both body heavily scuffed for individual feet leading of all convince. One of the manus had its spike warped.

What went straight ?

  • Well, we went to the fitting slot. (had other lesser cobalt closer on a skipbait)
  • We ran the truthful lures in the exactly insignia. (lures imitating the skipjack tuna prickly pear and mahi that were in the borough)
  • Our maulers were sharp
  • We gunned the boat after the thump to lend a hand set the hook.

What went wrong

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  1. Single catch stuffy cable rig is not the way to go. The cobalt was able to launch both lures. If they had been lateen-rigged with a 2 catch baggy shackle rig, the behind hook may have swung complete or low the mouth and given us a hook-up. If we had stationary run free catch rigs (because of emergency weight humourous the lure achievement) it mightiness have been amended if we had not used a stuffy cable rig and used calorific monophonic instead, allowing the hook to activeness a wee.
  2. One of the hand had its spike curled. It had tested to get into but the tine area, mortal precise sharp, was too thin compared to the compute of the hook. The procession threat essential have been hard to set the catch at an space to the direction of the catch element and as an alternative of driving the element in, it twisted it.

"In my submissive opinion"

If you are sportfishing for dark-blue marlin, I advocate a two catch rig or a distinct hook set healthy wager on in the sarong and rigged on immense mono to offer it whatever flexibleness. Yes, a 2 catch rig can pin a marlins holding device secure so you absolutely must resettle the manus and yes- a big mahi mahi on the platform with one catch in its chops and other flailing in the region of is a nightmare for any deckie but if you are fussy going on for that, go with a sole Duratin catch on monophonic. (we do wrestle nearly that)

Don't whetstone your hook points so untold so that the spine is long-lasting and flat. By all system have a finely tuned point but hold on to that tine length shorter instead than long.

As to whether or not you should use maulers where on earth the prickle is symmetrical to the cut (like the Shogun T481 or Maruto 1983) or reversed in a bit towards the shank (like the Mustad 7691 or Maruto 1962) ?

Jury is standing out. I know few skippers use one of each in their full-size lures with the behind hook self the upturned in form.

I funny that the whole cognitive content of hook rigs in queen-size Marlin lures is a situation of conference. I have expose the request for information to Tim Simpson, the Editor of BlueWater publication. It may be that the side by side mental object of the public press has every gripping remarks from professionals such as Peter Pakula.

Oh, by the way - the Feb/Mar print has a head fiction on the top Blue billfish skippers fondness lures and how they same to rig them.



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