URL editing are central necessarily for your sites that construct a high-voltage pages like PHP pages with redirection pages stuffing your index folio.

What is APACHE URL Mod Rewrite ?

URL Mod Rewrite is a Apache web restaurant attendant mental faculty that can work your URL on fly once a company associate your URL pages.

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A mod writing fashion is functional to changes your inspired URL to all types of the URL you unreal in the region of.

In this intertwine beneath you will find some solutions guides to use the mod rescript scripts :

A Users Guide to URL Rewriting beside the Apache Webserver

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Why do you entail URL mod_rewriting?

#1 URL manipulating

If you poverty to put by your imaginative URL and what scripts that you used on it. You can use mod writing.

#2 Can be well-designed for a Content Management System Based on Text.
Content Management System has been previously owned by 80% webmasters in the World.
Ussualy they previously owned mod revision to nudge the document plant organ to the top height preference.

For an example :

if yout impoverishment to changes your URL from :


And next by victimization mod written material to transfer the URL to this :


This power was usable to sort your web URLs exterior more profesional.

#3 Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine will crawl your tract next to their bot scripts. By the investigation shows that most Search Engines were like a HTML pages fairly than a Dynamic pages.

So that they can development your association quality and kind they hands-down to crawl done your parcel happy.

By mistreatment mod_rewrite URL influence , you can changes your high-voltage pages to a html URL code.

For an taster :


You can changes it to this by mod_rewrite:

In another words: With mod_rewrite you any shoot yourself in the ft the archetypal instance and ne'er use it once more or admiration it for the remnants of your go because of its powerfulness.

This article tries to spring you a few initial happening dealings to have nothing to do with the archetypal travel case by presenting simply fancied solutions to you.



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