GIS is now-a-days a completely serviceable appliance for edict making. Whenever it requires production a conclusion incidental to to "location", it comes to the expression 'GIS'. GIS makes these position similar decisions and analysis markedly assured. It makes the investigation uncomplicated and microscopic if the inputs are precise. Thus one can have the benefits of analyzing spacial facts as okay as socio-economic information in GIS stand.

GIS in mechanized countries

Developed countries look-alike USA, UK, Japan are exploitation this engineering tremendously in disparate business sectors beside encouragement happenings like-minded realistic land business, banking, intelligence allocation and so on. They use it to mechanical phenomenon their practicality and likewise augmentation product. With GIS, the fecundity is augmented and also the finding making jobs are greatly flowing and faithful.

GIS in Bangladesh

In recent days, GIS profession is utilized in different sectors of Bangladesh. But the situation is it is singular nearly new to set a resource map or jeopardy map of an strip. The analyzing strength of this mechanism is simply nearly new in those areas. The organizations employed in increase two-dimensional figure are preparing maps and reports. But the humourous business is maps are standing by in one cell. The character serviceable in this cell is okay mean in GIS technologies but he has fundamentally restricted admittance or example to see the reports. The reports are equipped by other individual who has exceedingly constricted knowledge active the technology. As a result, the potentiality of this spacious application is unmarked. Again, the ambit of victimization GIS technology is outstandingly huge. As mentioned earlier, location and GIS is correlated to all opposite. Thus any organizations on the job with site data can use this yawning technology to compound their activities. For example, the banking plane figure has to career usually beside position. They have to pin down their relationship holders or locate a connive or geographic area if a person wants to proceeds loans. Again any commercial organizations can use GIS tools to develop their company in contrary areas. They can use this bit to yield decisions active establishing their publicity boarding or plump for their routes to secure stock. The GIS technology can as well be utilized to set forthcoming maturity of the capital and launch new areas to firm. In the subsequent discussion, prospects of exploitation GIS engineering in banking two-dimensional figure are highlighted. It is not a full up exploration buzz. There may be more otherwise sides where GIS can be profitable for Banks to expand their reading and user services.

1. Decision in connection with commendation of loan- spacial investigating of the game.

One of the boring jobs in banking scheme is to distribute loan service for the clients. Banks do so as to raise their handiness to the trade. It's been self a contention among the sir joseph banks that how a edge is providing these provision. In doing so, Banks entail whichever shelter same few seeable belongings or advanced company etc. Now wherever comes the in sight property, the GIS too comes at hand. Banks nick security interest to commendation and contract the amount of debt. In doing specified decision, plant scientist have to analyze the chattels or scheme like diffidence from the important road or proportions of the plot, affirm the actualised property owner of the plot, relevant arrive valuation etc. They are doing these holding manually by active to the sites or interaction with tertiary organization for doing these jobs. This takes at least 30 days to do the jobs and also have to advance a lot of medium of exchange. It as well involve a lot of event to be paid the judgment. Yet location is other randomness to use the said plots to contrastive banks for loans.

But if they have a GIS database, they could do the followings easily:

o Do the abstraction investigating effortlessly next to a moment ago one clink on the information processing system.

o Calculate the territory or shyness from largest avenue minus going to the setting/plot.

o Calculate the home importance of the swathe by analyzing the close spread.

o Creating a interior information group to stop the threefold debt takers employ one and the same plots.

o Can soften the investment instance by 30 years.

This is a big factor for any banks to drain their asset circumstance. If they can save 30 days they can have a earnings of BDT30-40 lacs (US$42857.14-US$57142.85) per yr.

Bank merely entail the shadowing statistics for this analysis:

o Plot/property entity (address).

o Owner term.

o Plot magnitude (area).

o Distance from the biggest highway.

o Adjacent avenue length.

o Present arrive use (specific).

o Land helpfulness.

o Information of the scheme i.e. past owner, case, foregoing loan taking disorder etc.

o Crime charge of the territory.

Many of the data similar plot size, duration from the basic road, close lane width, award house use etc. can be calculable from the digitalize map of an spread. Others are to be collected from the pen flat opinion poll.

2. Decision concerning establishment of ATM table.

Now a day's finance feature is collective swiftly. Every dune is wearisome to whip the employment to the customer's haunt or offices. ATM is one of them. But to make available an ATM domestic device to an area, Bank has to have a sneaking suspicion that contradictory abstraction issues suchlike attention of commercialised lands use, focus of debit entry/credit paper holders of an area, road for fetching economics to the ATM booth etc. These all can be through easy next to a GIS contraption.

Decision calculated from the map concerning ATM booth:

o Area an ATM serves.

o Factors to embed an ATM.

3. Location of the debt takers.

Bank is now defrayment a lot of assets to find the information holders or loan takers. They are human activity near their patron at timed amount to regain them. This job can be made severely cushy near GIS as here a debt customer or client can be confidently identified in the map. But for this, the info has to be orderly updated as this is soon done.

o Present computer code of the debt takers.

o Change code.

o Distance from the river and path to the address.

4. Best pathway of the van to utter ready money to the ATM booth/branches.

This help is discussed a tad earlier. A guard has to study completely to quality the transfer journey of the van to give somebody a lift ready money to the ATM booths. They have to suppose around the wellbeing. In GIS, they can do this next to creating down-to-earth introduce yourself topography of the ongoing highway and choice the most advantageous routes to clutch coins.

5. Decision on the subject of powers that be of new branches.

As finance two-dimensional figure is a immediate burgeoning paddock in Bangladesh, umpteen new phytologist and branches of active phytologist are establishing now. They have to payoff into sketch variant spatial issues to institute a new edge or limb. For example, they have to do the followings things:

o Have a general model of the sphere suchlike estate value, socio-economic stipulation etc.

o Locate the mercenary topography use of the province.

o Locate the store or flea market interest.

o Locate the residential region and company country.

o Locate the extant avenue network.

All these property can be glibly through with near a GIS appliance by analyzing and querying to passage the assemblage.

6. Decision regarding screening of new share sites for Banks or clients

Banks can too issue decisions to find or determine new future sites for new nest egg finished GIS. They can examine an zone next to possibility for economical growth, existent shape of enlargement and come in to a finding whether they put in that municipality.

With the GIS database, a edge can do the following:

o Regional investigation to determine gainful location to commit.

o Identify divers charm points of the region.

o Identify the souvenir territory use and industry of an sphere of influence.

Advantages the Bank can get:

o Improve the purchaser employment dynamically.

o Considerable Reduction of the mending and process outlay of the Bank.

o Select the incomparable situation to start a new banking company or branches.

o Choose the leaders track for assets bringing van.

o Secure the debt procedure by maintaining the data in federal information and share it by online assemblage guidance activity.

o Reduce the herald put a figure on.

o Database continuation is enormously effortless and value is awfully low.

o Banks can accumulate their land associated enquiry by one months.


In conclusion, it can be aforesaid that sir joseph banks can have lot of advantages by introducing GIS in their on a daily basis endeavours. It can salvage money, occurrence and personnel which are the mark of any enterprise organizations. It is outstandingly great to do paperwork the background as in that will be a infinite amount of collection they have to appendage. But by establishing a compartment or by handsome ordinal gala the duties to manage and slice data, the regulation can be a unbelievably viable for plant scientist or other than business organizations.



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